Health Counseling


As a Health Counselor, I am a supportive mentor and wellness guide helping my clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet my clients' needs.

I provide you with a structure that has you reach your health and wellness goals.

At each session, we discuss your progress and set recommendations. We build a plan to have you reach your goals step by step by making positive and easily integrated changes. The program includes a variety of handouts, recipes, books and other materials to support you in your progress.

E-mail and phone calls support in between sessions will also be at your disposal.

Some of the areas covered in the program: goals, healthy eating, protein, cravings, relationships, nurturing yourself, intuition & digestion, food & mood, body types, health on the go, visualization, career, lifestyle, desires & self-expression...

Personalized and tailor-made one-on-one program

Three to six-months programs available.

Individual session (60 min) HKD1000/ €100  


3 months (2 coaching sessions/mth) HKD4500/ €450

6 months (2 coaching sessions/mth) HKD8500/ €850

Sessions can be done remotely